Crystal Meth Anonymous UK

CMA online literature and information

There are a number of downloadable information sheets* and online literature that you may find of interest, they are from the Crystal Meth AnonymousTM website in the United States of America. To download, simply click on the relevant button.

You may also purchase the CMA book, Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope, is now available with direct shipping from the printer from (this link takes you to the order page - you may also download the book via Kindle).

Crystal Clear – Stories of Hope is a collection of personal stories of recovery from the members of the Twelve-Step fellowship CMA. Members of CMA describe their personal journeys getting clean and sober; their process of working the Twelve Steps; and offer their experience, strength and hope for those struggling with addiction to crystal meth. ​

* These materials are copyrighted by the fellowship of Crystal Meth Anonymous ©. CMA grants a nonexclusive license to download, print, and copy these materials solely for your personal use and for use by CMA meetings or groups only. CMA documents cannot be added too, deleted from or changed in any manner and must be printed 'as is'. However, we encourage local Intergroups, Districts and/or areas to stamp their contact information on the space provided on the back of the pamphlet.